Monday, March 25, 2013

Gardening On A Budget

Caring for your garden can quickly become expensive, unless you make an effort to cut down on costs. Go over this article for some tips that will help you garden on a budget.

Do not spend your money on expensive products designed to help your plants grow. You can easily create your own compost, if you have enough space for a compost pile. Save all your organic waste and throw it on your compost pile. If possible, find a shady and dry area for your pile. You might have to shred large materials and add some water to your pile if the materials are too dry. The material at the bottom of your pile will be ready within a few months. You can then use it to enrich your soil and help your plants grow.

You do not have to buy chemicals to get rid of parasites and illnesses. You can for instance get rid of mildew by spraying a mix of water and baking soda on your plants. If you need to keep animals away, build a small fence or wrap the bottom of your trees or shrubs with some wire mesh. Inspect your plants regularly for signs of parasites or illnesses and take action before things get any worse.

You should talk to your neighbors about gardening. You will probably find someone who enjoys this activity as much as you do. You could, for instance, trade seeds with your neighbors or start building a community tool shed everyone can contribute to and use. You can save a lot on tools by borrowing tools or buying them with your neighbors, but avoid sharing things if you do not get along well with your neighbors.

Gardening will become more affordable if you can produce your own food. You should use a part of your garden to grow your own fruits, vegetables or aromatic herbs. Choose fruits, vegetables or herbs that will grow well in your area and respect the growing schedule of the foods you choose to plant. Inspect your fruits and vegetables on a daily basis and make sure there are no signs of illness or parasites before eating them.

Avoid purchasing expensive plants. You might be tempted to buy some exotic plants but you can create a beautiful garden with simple and affordable plants. When choosing your plants, make sure they are adapted to the weather in your area and find out how fragile they are. If you cannot afford to buy new plants regularly, it is best to spend your money on robust plants that are easy to take care of. Keep in mind that purchasing some more expensive plants will also require you to spend money on quality soil or products to treat them.

Gardening is a fun, exciting and rewarding hobby but it does not have to cost you a lot of money. You should establish a budget for this hobby and apply the tips you have just read if you need to cut down on your expenses.

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